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picture of a cockroach in the kitchen

How to Get Rid of Roaches In Appliances

Having roaches in your house is never a comfortable feeling. But knowing that you have …

tv with no signal

Why Is My Antenna Not Picking up Channels?

Finally getting a chance to sit down in front of the TV only to find …

wood stove with a small fan on top to move heat

How to Move Heat from a Wood Stove: 5 Methods

The average cost of heating a 2,000 square foot home is nearly $2,000 per year, …

A technician checking the electric fireplace

How To Fix The 11 Most Common Electric Fireplace Problems

Electric fireplaces are excellent alternatives to traditional wood-burning and gas fireplaces. Unlike a real fireplace, …

A person installing a z-wave button pusher

Z-Wave Button Pusher – Find Compatible Options

Z-wave has long been celebrated for making home automation easy and accessible. So, finding Z-wave …

a dog barking through the fence

How to Make Your Neighbor’s Dog Shut Up

There’s nothing worse than having to listen to your neighbor’s dog bark all day, or …

A SwitchBot automated button pusher attached to a switch

The Best Automated Button Pushers – Buyers Guide

These days, just about every home appliance and fixture comes with wireless connectivity and smartphone …

an air circulator on the floor

Do Air Circulators Cool Rooms?

Read any blog about how to stay cool in the summer, and you’ll no doubt …

Cheap Ways To Insulate Windows For Summer

Having a lot of windows lets natural light in while letting you keep tabs on …

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