10 Burglar Deterrent Gadgets

burglar deterrent gadgets

You just got back from a long weekend vacation to find that your door is ajar and a window was left open. Unsurprisingly, some of your stuff is missing too. Now what?

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home. Unfortunately, some people don’t feel the need to respect the sanctity of our homes, instead resorting to theft and burglary at night or when we’re not home.

While it isn’t possible to entirely eliminate the threat of a burglary attempt, there are plenty of burglar deterrent gadgets to consider when it comes time to secure your home.

No matter your budget, you can afford the safety and peace of mind that comes with implementing anti-burglary precautions for your home. In this piece we’ll review some popular security gadgets and why they’ll help deter burglars.

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Burglar Deterrent Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe

Looking for the best ways to keep your home safe from theft? Below are some of our favorite security gadgets to add onto your home’s defenses.

1. Fake TV FTV-7 Burglar Deterrent

Fake TV

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It is very common for thieves to scope out a house they’re considering breaking into to see if there is any general activity or anyone inside. They know that if someone is home, there is more likely to be a struggle, police called, or noise that will give them away. Therefore – whether you’re home or not – it’s important to make them think twice before breaking in.

A great theft deterrent for keeping any potential burglars away is the presence of a TV screen at night. While it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you are awake, just knowing that someone is home could be enough to stop a potential burglary. However, it is not always ideal to leave an actual TV on for long because of the amount of power it can use.

With the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent gadget, you’ll have what is essentially a light that projects changing lights that mimic the lights that would be broadcasted by a TV screen. It only uses as much power as a nightlight would, saving power while still providing similar benefits to a TV screen. It is especially helpful for longer periods of time like during vacation because it can be left on without skyrocketing your power bill.

2. Safety Technology International Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm

barking dog alarm

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Dogs enrich your lives in many ways, but did you know they can also deter burglars? Dogs excel at the thing burglars hate most – noise. A loud, barking dog alerts anyone who is home or nearby that something is happening, which makes it much harder for potential burglars to hide. When their goal is to get in and get out as quickly and quietly as possible, the attention a dog draws can foil their plans entirely.

For those without a security system, having a dog around can do much of the same for deterring burglars. Unfortunately, due to circumstances such as rental agreements, allergies, or even personal fears, owning a dog is not always a realistic option for everybody. Thankfully, the burglars don’t have to know that!

Safety Technology International has an anti-burglary alarm that imitates a barking dog that is sure to scare predators away. The motion sensor can detect movement outside of your door while placed inside, simulating a large dog’s bark right at the door. As the motion comes closer, it gets louder to stop burglars in their tracks and alert those nearby of danger.

3. WALI Dummy CCTV Dome Camera with Light

dummy cctv camera

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Burglars do everything they can to avoid being seen, making cameras a real threat when they scope out a house. Sadly, it is not always possible or economical to setup an entire security system in your home. The solution? Fake it!

A great way to protect your home (and wallet) from being emptied is to give the illusion that your home is outfitted with security cameras on every entrance. You can do this with WALI’s dummy surveillance cameras and sticker set. You get two phony security cameras with lights, giving the idea that they are on and recording at all times. Along with that you also get a sticker to place nearby informing people that this is a 24-hour recording zone (even though you know it isn’t). Often times this will be enough to deter any interested burglars because of the increased risk of getting caught.

So, if you’re looking to spend as little as possible while still outsmarting burglars, use a fake camera security gadget like this dummy CCTV cam.

4. Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

outdoor security camera

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What’s better than a fake camera? A real camera with remote viewing, smart home integration, and HD video, of course. Whether you choose to leave it outside as warning or hide it to catch them in the act without a mask, peephole cameras are a great anti burglary gadget when it comes to protecting your home.

If a burglar is afraid of being seen, the high-tech Blink XT2 will make them think twice. With motion alerts directly to your phone, 2-way audio, and night vision, you’ll be able to catch any burglars in the act and scare them away during any time of day. It can also be integrated with Alexa to set off an alarm, call emergency services, and more if they’re still bold enough to attempt to break in.

Choose as many cameras as you have entrances, and sleep better at night knowing that your home is under surveillance from theft.

Just be sure you know what surveillance camera laws are applicable in your state.

5. SANSI LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Light

sensor light

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Like sound, lights can help thwart burglary attempts. Illuminating the burglar’s presence is a surefire way to get the attention of residents and neighbors – the last thing they want.

Many burglars choose to commit their theft late at night. This is often because many people will be asleep or tired, making them less alert to things happening. Another big reason is that they prefer to use the darkness because it will be more difficult to see what they are doing. Therefore, the best thing you can do is shine a light on them.

SANSI has an LED motion sensor light that can help illuminate what could be happening outside your home at night. The motion sensor light won’t fool anyone into thinking someone inside is turning the light on, but it will make them think twice about what they’re doing and make it easier for surveillance cameras to find them. The light has 180 degrees of coverage and can cover up to 50 feet of area with its motion detection for protection even while you sleep.

6. Door Wedge with Siren Trigger

door wedsge sith siren

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Sometimes no matter how much deterrent you have outside of your house, a burglar still wants to try their luck. If this is the case, a second layer of defense is needed indoors.

This door wedge alarm from SABRE can be a great backup source of security for those on a budget. When there is pressure applied to the door, the alarm will sound off to alert anyone inside of the attempted entrance. The alarm reaches 120 dB of sound and will be audible up to 1000 feet away.

However, the door wedge will only be able to securely cover one door and won’t protect from any other entrances such as windows. Because of this, the door wedge alarm will be most effective in apartment buildings or other places with one entrance and no accessible windows. It would also thrive alongside other precautions for larger home applications.

7. HAIFUAN Digital Keypad Door Lock

digital keypad lock

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The longer a potential burglar has to spend trying to get into your home, the more likely they are to get caught. If you can force them to spend a bit of time on your door handle, it’s likely they will get frustrated and then try another entry or leave. To help protect your home from break-ins, it’s always a good idea to add an extra layer of defense – in this case, a digital keypad from HAIFUAN.

This keypad helps because even if the burglar knows your passcode or has your key, they can’t get in without at least one other method when Double User mode is enabled. Meanwhile, you can carry a key, keycard, remote lock, or just the passcode in your head to get in and out easily. The door handle also locks automatically when closed (unless you set it in Passage Mode), so you won’t have to remember to lock your doors at night.

8. Doberman Security SE-0106 Window Alarm

Window alarm

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When devising a security plan for their home, many people unsurprisingly focus on the doors as the main problem areas. Because of this, windows are often the first place that a burglar will attempt to enter in. Many people leave windows open on summer days and this can be a common oversight to take advantage of. If the window is unsecured, a simple sliding action can leave your home exposed.

This is why Doberman Security has come out with this pack of four window alarms to help cover a wide radius and give you the ability to securely defend your windows. These window alarms have vibration trigger technology so that your windows don’t need to be closed to use them, and the loud 100db alarm means everyone will know that something went wrong. Simply mount them on the window and sleep easier at night.

9. 24-Hour Surveillance Signs

surveillance signs

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For the security seeker on the tightest of budgets, consider intimidation as your burglar deterrent approach. While a sign won’t stop someone from breaking in if they’re determined, it WILL at least slow them down or make them think twice!

One of the best deterrents to keep burglars away is the promise of 24-hour video surveillance. This will be enough to scare away your average crook because the prospect of being caught on camera is too much of a risk for many. To add onto this, if your robbery is unsuccessful then the victim will now have video evidence for proof.

This package of security sign and decals can be a great way to ward off oncoming intruders with very little cost to you. The package comes with a security sign and stake to put it in your front yard and four decals to go on your window.

Consider combining these decals with other burglar deterrent gadgets for the best results.

10. NexTrend Solar Powered Security Camera

solar powered camera

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A high-tech camera is perhaps the most intimidating part of a home security system. In addition to being captured on video, many security cameras have alarms, smart home capabilities, and other features that make them a burglar’s nightmare.

Not confident in a fake CCTV camera and want burglars to know your house isn’t to be messed with? A solar powered security camera will send your message loud and clear.

The device is self-powering through its mounted solar panel, so it’ll be perfect for keeping an eye on your front door or porch from above. The bullet camera has both night vision and motion detection that can be accessed through its app for real-time monitoring. With clear 1080p resolution, you’ll have everything you need to identify potential burglars – if they even dare to break in.


How Can I Prevent Break-Ins?

Unfortunately, you can’t. There is no single deterrent that will entirely stop a determined burglar from breaking in. However, a comprehensive security system that includes some of our recommendations above can go a long way towards preventing them from trying in the first place. There’s no such thing as too many security gadgets protecting your home, so ensure you have enough protection for your peace of mind.

What Should I Look For in Anti Burglary Gadgets?

There are 3 main things that burglars want to avoid: noise, visibility, and being caught on camera.

Noise is likely to wake residents and neighbors, which means the police won’t be far behind if they don’t leave. As burglars like to hide in the shadows, lighting also exposes them for improved visibility that makes it clear something is wrong. Finally, being caught on camera could mean prison time, so they’ll avoid cameras as much as possible.

Look for security gadgets that expose the burglar and draw attention to them – they’ll be running before you even get out of bed.

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