Motion Activated Stair Lights – Keep Your Kids Safe

motion lights for stairs

If you’ve ever had to go up or down the stairs in the dark, you were probably closer to a major accident than you may think. According to the National Safety Council, staircase & stairway accidents are the 2nd leading cause of accidental death in the US, leading to about 12,000 deaths per year. In … Read moreMotion Activated Stair Lights – Keep Your Kids Safe

5 Must See Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

japanese kitchen gadgets

If you were lucky enough to live in the Land of the Rising Sun or even just visit, you know just why Japanese cuisine is world-famous. Sadly, not everyone is able to spend the time or money to experience it for themselves. Fortunately for those who haven’t had the opportunity, you can bring authentic Japanese … Read more5 Must See Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

7 Awesome Home Automation Ideas

home automation ideas

As technology advances, it becomes more and more involved in our daily lives. While the internet and automation used to only be for engineers & techies, the new generation of smart devices has made it easier than ever to put these innovations to work, starting at home. By making our houses “smart”, we can make … Read more7 Awesome Home Automation Ideas