How to Get Rid of Roaches In Appliances

picture of a cockroach in the kitchen

Having roaches in your house is never a comfortable feeling. But knowing that you have roaches hiding in your appliances is somehow infinitely more unnerving. Whether you have cockroaches living in your oven, microwave, or dishwasher, you need to evict them right now. Not only is their presence a cause for the heebie-jeebies, but they … Read more

How To Fix The 11 Most Common Electric Fireplace Problems

A technician checking the electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are excellent alternatives to traditional wood-burning and gas fireplaces. Unlike a real fireplace, electric fireplaces don’t require you to split firewood, build fires and empty the ashes. But, like most electric appliances, electric fireplaces can develop problems over time too.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most common electric … Read more

Z-Wave Button Pusher – Find Compatible Options

A person installing a z-wave button pusher

Z-wave has long been celebrated for making home automation easy and accessible. So, finding Z-wave compatible button pushers should be easy, right? One Google search of “Z-wave button pusher,” and you’ll quickly find that this just isn’t the case. So, are there Z-wave compatible automated button pushers out there? And, if not, what other options … Read more

How to Make Your Neighbor’s Dog Shut Up

a dog barking through the fence

There’s nothing worse than having to listen to your neighbor’s dog bark all day, or worse, all night long. This incessant racket is enough to drive even the most mild-mannered people to extreme measures. But before you go that far, know that there are some simple and effective methods for bringing peace and tranquility to … Read more

The Best Automated Button Pushers – Buyers Guide

A SwitchBot automated button pusher attached to a switch

These days, just about every home appliance and fixture comes with wireless connectivity and smartphone control. This is great for anyone moving into a brand new house or looking to do a massive overhaul on everything they own. For most people, though, upgrading all old appliances and switches to smart products isn’t an option for … Read more

Do Air Circulators Cool Rooms?

an air circulator on the floor

Read any blog about how to stay cool in the summer, and you’ll no doubt see a subheading about air circulators. However, these articles rarely address how they work and when they’re helpful to use.  To help you understand more about the potential benefits of air circulators and get the answer to the most important … Read more

Should I Open My Windows at Night?

Sunny days and warm temperatures have your home heating up throughout the day. To help relieve that heat, many homeowners recommend opening your windows at night. But just as many seem to think that doing so carries more risks than benefits. So, should you open your windows at night? The answer, as you can imagine, … Read more

How Heavy Is a Ceiling Fan?

Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that nearly 20,000 people are injured from falling ceiling fans every year. Surprisingly, the injuries suffered are almost always blunt force trauma rather than cuts and decapitation. So, before you install that new fan above your bed or the dinner table, it is a good idea to understand how heavy … Read more

Room Sanitizing Bomb: Do They Work?

These days, disinfecting has become a common topic of conversation and something many of us spend more than a healthy amount of time thinking about. If you’ve had a family member or visitor test positive for COVID, this obsession is likely to reach a new level, and for a good reason. If you’re in this … Read more

The Different Types of Thermostats

Most homes have thermostats. But the majority of homeowners don’t know they have other options to control the heating and cooling of their home. As long as the thermostat turns your heating and air conditioning on, you likely won’t be looking for a new one.  However, since your thermostat is the “brain” of your HVAC … Read more