The Best Solar Flood Lights – Dusk to Dawn

Solar flood lights are the new and best thing for lighting the exterior of your home. There are many things that set them apart from older models. For instance, older models of flood lights can really eat up your power and impact your utility bill negatively. 

Motion lights and old technology make those lights power suckers. Motion lights tend to be too easily triggered and come on as they please while old globe lights just use high wattage and power when turned on.

The best solar flood lights are made with newer technology that includes LED globes and internal batteries. These lights are charged by solar power which means they won’t consume heavy power and actually won’t cost you anything after you get them installed. 

Not only can you increase your home security at a lower cost but you can also have convenient, automated lighting as well. 

Keep reading to learn about the best solar flood lights on the market. 

best solar flood lights

Comparison Table

This comparison table acts as a quick reference tool. In the table, you will find a quick comparison of each solar flood light we will be reviewing complete with relevant stats and need-to-know details.

ProductDetailsWhere to Buy

LEDMO Upgraded Solar Flood Light


**Editor's Choice**

Wattage: 200W
Lumens: 10,000 LM
Mode Options: Light sensor, Remote, Timer
Solar Mount: Detached wireless
Mount Type: Hanging or wall mount
Warranty: 5-year
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Cyberdax Solar Floodlight

Cybedax Solar Flood Light


Wattage: 100W
Lumens: 5,000 LM
Mode Options: Light sensor, Remote, Timer
Solar Mount: Corded, 16 ft. reach
Mount Type: Hanging or wall mount
Warranty: 18-months
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Touch of ECO 4-Light Solar Outdoor Security Light


Wattage: ???
Lumens: 60 LM
Mode Options: Automatic at dusk
Solar Mount: Built-in
Mount Type: Wall Mount
Warranty: 60 days
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Aootek 120 LED Smart Control Outdoor Light

Aootek 120 Led Solar Flood Light

Wattage: 3.7 W
Lumens: 2,200 LM
Mode Options: Security, Night, Light sensor
Solar Mount: Built-in
Mount Type: Wall Mount
Warranty: undefined
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URPOWER Solar Wireless Lights

URPOWER Solar Wireless Lights

Wattage: .49 W
Lumens: ???
Mode Options: Light sensor, motion
Solar Mount: Built-in
Mount Type: Wall Mount
Warranty: undefined
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AmeriTop Super Bright Wide Angle Outdoor Light

AmeriTop Super Bright Wide Angle Outdoor Light

Wattage: 2.5 W
Lumens: 1,500 LM
Mode Options: Motion, Timer, Always on
Solar Mount: Corded, 15 ft. reach
Mount Type: Wall Mount
Warranty: undefined
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Home Zone Security 11 Watt Solar Security light
Home Zone Security 11 Watt Solar Security light

Wattage: 11W
Lumens: 1,500 LM
Mode Options: Light sensor, Motion sensor, Continuously on override
Solar Mount: Detached, 168” cord
Mount Type: Wall mount
Warranty: 1 year

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KUFUNG Outdoor Solar Lights

KUFUNG Solar Flood Light

Wattage: 5 W
Lumens: 600 LM
Mode Options: Motion, Always on
Solar Mount: Built-in
Mount Type: Wall mount w/ arm 
Warranty: undefined
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Wiland Solar Street Light Outdoor

No products found.

Wattage: 150 W
Lumens: 2,500 LM
Mode Options: Light sensor, Always on, ER
Solar Mount: Built-in
Mount Type: Wall mount w/ arm 
Warranty: undefined
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iCorer Solar Light Outdoor

iCorer Dusk To Dawn Solar Light

Wattage: 1W
Lumens: 800 LM
Mode Options: Light sensor, Continuous dim, Motion sensor
Solar Mount: Built-in
Mount Type: Wall mount
Warranty: 30 days
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YiaMia Outdoor Solar Lights

YiaMia Outdoor Solar Lights

Wattage: 8 W
Lumens: ???
Mode Options: Remote, light sensor, motion
Solar Mount: Corded, 9 ft. reach
Mount Type: Wall mount 
Warranty: 24-month
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Our Top Pick

Best Choice

LEDMO Solar Flood Light

LEDMO Remote-powered Solar Flood light

Best Solar Flood Lights

Solar powered street light with built-in large storage battery over 39000mah that can illuminate an area of more than 3150 sq ft

Our top pick of the best solar flood lights is the LEDMO Remote-powered Solar Flood light. This solar flood light seems to offer all of the high-end functionality at a reasonable price point.

With this option, you get broad square foot coverage, 3 varying modes including a remote, and a 5-year warranty. It simply doesn’t get much better than that!


Best Overall

LEDMO Upgraded Solar Flood Light

LEDMO Solar Flood Light

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof design allows you to place the light where you please without concern about weather.
  • You can set this light on timers for manual control.
  • Light can be controlled with included remote and can be set to light sensory mode as well.
  • No cord required
  • Includes an adjustable wall-mount bracket.

As we mentioned above, the LEDMO solar flood light is the best overall option. This light is IP67 waterproof with a solar panel rectangle for charging the solar power. The set comes complete with a remote and can also work on motion and light sensor capabilities.

The solar flood light from LEDMO picks up motion at a 120-degree angle. The remote was designed to work within a 23-foot range as well. This gives you a lot of versatility with this mounted light and solar panel set.

Additionally, the hardware is all waterproof so you can install your panel and light wherever is convenient for you. There are no cords or electricity required to install and use this flood light system. It is simple and easy and the 5-year included warranty speaks volumes about the quality of the product.

The LEDMO Upgraded Solar Flood Light​ is available from Amazon.

Best Value

Cyberdax Solar Floodlight


Key Specifications

  • Certified to be IP67 waterproof, capable of handling constant water for at least 7 days.
  • Solar panel board is large to ensure it captures the sun for ultimate power.
  • Powered by timers, remote control, or light sensors for your convenience.
  • Uses high-capacity lithium-ion batteries as a backup plan.
  • You can either hang to install or attach with screws.

The Cyberdax solar flood light comes with an incredible value for the money. The overall setup is quite similar to that of the LEDMO option in our top pick. However, the price tag is greatly reduced. This high-quality solar flood light has the best of both worlds (quality and money).

The solar floodlight from Cyberdax has a lot of versatility. It can be hung or mounted with screws. The solar frame is made with high-quality aluminum alloy to be durable and long-lasting. It can even charge on cloudy and rainy days.

The light mount is fully adjustable by 180 degrees to get the best angle and setup for your space. Additionally, everything is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about those rainy days messing up your lights!

The Cyberdax Solar Floodlight​ is available from Amazon.

Best Mount & Forget Setup

Touch of ECO 4-Light Solar Outdoor Security Light

Touch of ECO 4-Light Solar Outdoor Security Light

Key Specifications

  • These lights charge during the day and turn on automatically at dusk.
  • Lights are designed to be weather-resistant.
  • Requires sunlight for a minimum of 4 hours to charge appropriately.
  • Easy to install by mounting with screws and leaving alone.
  • Includes a 60-day product warranty.

This set from Touch of ECO is uniquely designed to be installed and forgotten. You don’t have to worry about timers or remotes. You set them and forget them. These lights are also quite budget-friendly. They come in a pack of 4 so you can space them out across your way.

This set is quite unique in that it doesn’t have a remote or motion sensors. It is specifically designed to be installed and then left alone. These lights are economically-friendly with their solar setup. They are simple to mount; all you need is a screwdriver.

While these do require direct sunlight to charge they should still work in cloudy weather as a single charge could last for multiple nights. They operate solely on light sensor power and require no adjusting, timing, or other forms of control.

The Touch of ECO 4-Light Solar Outdoor Security Light is available from Wayfair.

Budget Friendly

Aootek 120 LED Smart Control Outdoor Light

Aootek 120 Led Solar Flood Light

Key Specifications

  • No separate solar panel required.
  • Certified as IPX65 waterproof to withstand all weather, including extreme conditions.
  • 3 mode options including on all night 2 different motion detector options.
  • Designed with wide-angle concept to cover a wider span.
  • Attaches with a simple screw-on installation
  • Includes 2 lights

This budget-friendly solar flood light from Aootek is a reasonable size for ultimate coverage. The light is waterproof and small without being too minuscule to be effective. The light has a unique shape and does not require a separate solar panel, it is attached to the roof of the light setting.

This budget-friendly option certainly meets all of the requirements to make it a highly-rated product. It’s small and simple while still being plenty powerful for outdoor lighting needs. This solar light operated on various settings and the wide-angle design gives it a wide span of coverage.

You get 2 separate light mounts with this package and they are simple to install with included screws. You can place them anywhere you please because they are designed to withstand even the worst weather elements.

The Aootek 120 LED Smart Control Outdoor Light is available from Amazon.

Best Multi-Pack

URPOWER Solar Wireless Lights

URPOWER Solar Wireless Lights

Key Specifications

  • 4-pack of wall mounting lights with solar attached to each light mount.
  • Small and compact lights that do not require complicated setup.
  • Certified to be IP64 waterproof as well as heatproof to withstand various weather conditions.
  • Motion activated with a 120-degree sensor angle.
  • Small but mighty light sets that cover a suitable range of space.

This pack from URPOWER comes in a set of 4 to give you an optimal setup. This is another budget-friendly option as well. You get 4 lights for a single low price and these are highly-rated lights as well. There are some qualifications as to how and where you should install them but it’s not overly complicated.

This 4-pack of lights is what is best described as small but mighty. They are very small in shape but the light covers a fairly broad range of space to encompass a suitable area. These lights are designed to be waterproof as well as heat and frost resistant.

Be sure to install the lights on a flat surface that gets a decent amount of sun exposure to ensure you get the best use out of them. Each light has its own solar surface on the top of the structure and no wiring is required. Simply screw them in to mount them and let them do their job as motion lights at night.

The URPOWER Solar Wireless Lights is available from Amazon.

Best Wide-Angle Design

AmeriTop Super Bright Wide Angle Outdoor Light

AmeriTop Super Bright Wide Angle Outdoor Light

Key Specifications

  • Variable sensing distance option for motion detector.
  • Capability to set for auto on/off times.
  • Detached solar panel that connects through a DC adapter cord.
  • All-weather design certified to be IP65.
  • Setup with an extra-wide wide angle to cover more space.

Having a wide angle is nice because it typically involves a fairly small light that shines a large span so you can see further. This particular light has one of the best wide-angle setups available. It’s practically 3 lights in one with a center light and 2 attached side lights. Everything is adjustable.

This ultra-bright light gives your home, driveway, or any outdoor areas an increased sense of security. It’s 3 lights attached together to reach a wide span. Each part of the light setting is fully adjustable so it can shine however you like it to wherever you like it to.

This particular model does have a solar panel that is required to be connected via a DC adapter cord. The cord extends to 15 feet to give you the ultimate reach to sunlight for the panel. You can choose from a variety of settings including auto on/off, motion settings, and even varying motion ranges.

The AmeriTop Super Bright Wide Angle Outdoor Light is available from Amazon.

Best Grounded Option

Home Zone Security 11 Watt Solar Light

Home Zone Security 11 Watt Solar Security light

Key Specifications

  • Automatic dusk to dawn light sensor
  • Override switch for continuous on day or night
  • Motion-activated with adjustable on period
  • Detached solar panel with 168” cord
  • Motion sensing up to 30 feet with adjustable angle

For a dependable highly customizable security floodlight, Home Zone Security has you covered.

Their 11 watts, 1,500-lumen, motion-activated security light is made to illuminate your house, wherever you put it. It has an easy-to-install light base that attaches via a long 168” cord to the solar panel, giving you more options for placement around your home or property.

Once in place, you can adjust motion-activated sensor’s angle and coverage zone to fit your needs. The bright, center cob LED light illuminates the area in front of the light, while the adjustable SMD sidelights can be angled forward or backward to cast light exactly where it’s needed. 

The motion sensor can detect movement up to 30 feet away and has 180 degrees of detection coverage. This makes the Home Zone Security light an excellent choice for driveways, backdoors, and side gates. 

Depending on how you program it, the light will turn off until the next motion is detected. For those midnight basketball games or cloudy days working in the yard, the override switch can be activated to keep the light on continuously, day or night.

With a 1-year warranty and a price point that easily beats most hardwired security floodlights, you can’t go wrong with the Home Zone Security 11 Watt Solar Light.

Best Extendable Light

KUFUNG Outdoor Solar Lights

KUFUNG Solar Flood Light

Key Specifications

  • Mounted arm extends 7.5 inches for the ultimate reach.
  • The arm elbow and the light fixture each adjust 180 degrees to best meet your needs.
  • High-efficiency solar panel allows some of the best solar functionality.
  • 3 varying modes available including always on and 2 different motion modes.
  • Comes in a pack of 4 so you can place them in multiple locations.

This solar outdoor light has quite the set up with an extended arm and an adjustable head. You can adjust to various lengths and angles so you know you will actually get the sunlight you need for power no matter where you choose to install the light.

This light is very unique with its extendable arm and a flat designed light feature that closely resembles a lamp. That’s very much what this light is designed to be. However, the light and arm are both heavily adjustable so you can get the angle and positioning you need.

This solar light is waterproof and weather-resistant IP65. It also stands up against both heat and frost. With 3 modes, you can get whatever setting you like best. The motion light has a 120-degree range so it can capture things not directly under the light as well.

The KUFUNG Outdoor Solar Lights is available from Amazon.

Best Basketball Court Light

Wiland Solar Street Light Outdoor

No products found.

Key Specifications

  • Attached to a pole arm for far-reaching options.
  • Fully adjustable angles to get the best setup.
  • Solar panel is directly attached to the head of the lamp for efficiency.
  • Solar light is made with quality aluminum alloy that is all-weather ready.
  • Lights are ultra-bright LED lights for the best lighting around.

Shoot those hoops on the basketball court any time of day. It’s dark at 6 PM? No problem! With the Wiland solar light, basketball courts are safe and well-lit. This light works perfectly for a home court, pathway, driveway, yard, or garden.
This particular option is favorable for commercial solar flood lights because it can be used in public areas and is quite effective.

This is another option that has an extended arm attached. This allows you to adjust and get the best setup for your space. The head is adjustable to various angles so you can shine the light how you like it and get full charging capacity from the solar panel.

The LED lights are incredibly bright so there is no concern that you won’t be able to see that basketball goal when you make your shots. This light comes with 4 mode options including always on, 2 motion modes, and an emergency light mode. It’s incredibly easy to install this piece as well.

The Wiland Solar Street Light Outdoor is available from Amazon.

Best Simple Setup

iCorer Solar Light Outdoor

iCorer Solar Light Outdoor

Key Specifications

  • Automatic dusk to dawn light sensor
  • Light stays on at lower lumens throughout the night
  • Motion sensor triggers brighter security light when activated
  • Motion sensor covers 120 degrees and up to 26 feet away
  • 360-degree adjustable light direction

If you need both a standard exterior landscape light and a motion-activated floodlight, you should consider the iCorer Outdoor Solar Light.

This solar-powered light pulls double duty with a dim function that stays on continuously from dusk to dawn. Then, when movement is detected, the light brightens to 800 lumens for security. After 30 seconds, the light will return to dim mode.

With motion coverage up to 120 degrees and 26 feet away, you can place this light just about anywhere in your house. Plus, you can adjust its sidelights to light your yard in any direction. You can tilt them up or down and even independently turn them to the side, front, or back for broader coverage. 

The solar panel is attached to the body of the lights for easy installation on eves, walls, poles, or any other vertical surface that gets plenty of sunlight.

Light up and protect your home with these versatile, multi-purpose solar lights from iCorer.

Best Corded Panel Option

YiaMia Outdoor Solar Lights

YiaMia Outdoor Solar Lights

Key Specifications

  • Includes a 9-foot cord for connecting the solar panel and light fixture.
  • Flood light operates much like a spotlight with LED lighting.
  • The panel and light fixture are 100% adjustable to varying angles and degrees.
  • System is certified as IP65 waterproof. It is also dustproof as well as heat and frost resistant.
  • Can be controlled with a remote.

In terms of solar flood lights, YiaMia offers a valuable solution. This affordable light has a separated solar panel that you attach with a cord. This is fairly common for those units that have separated solar panels. The panel and the light fixture complement each other nicely in this perfect duo.

These solar lights are unique in their own right. While many of the options we shared here have a built-in solar panel or a wireless panel, these require a cord from the light to the solar panel. This could potentially give you quite a bit more flexibility for installing the light where you want it and installing the panel where it will get the light it needs.

Both the panel and the light fixture are adjustable to degrees and angles so you can truly get the best setup for your home. The LED light gives you a very bright spotlight when the light is activated. You can control the unit through a simple remote. There are 3 brightness options and motion modes available as well.

The YiaMia Outdoor Solar Lights is available from Amazon.

Buying Guide

We know you can read reviews and make yourself aware of the products, but how do you know which one you should choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some essential tips to assist you in making a decision for the best solar flood lights. 

Things to Consider

Below you will find some specific characteristics you should consider in your decision. These features may vary amongst models and you may find that you prefer one over the other in many of these options.

Mounting Type

There are many ways to mount a solar flood light. The most common method requires bolting or screwing it to a surface. However, the mounting equipment could vary. 

Some solar flood lights are attached to an arm and it is the arm that you mount while others are a single unit that you mount directly. Then there are lights that mount on a bracket. Additionally, you should consider whether you will also be mounting a solar panel as well.

While there is not necessarily one mounting option that is better than another, keep in mind what you think will work best for the areas you intend to mount. And if you are choosing a package that contains a separated solar panel, make sure you have a nearby location for mounting that panel as well.

Switching Mechanism

Not all lights have a switching mechanism but some do require that you flip the switch to turn them on or off. They may still have multiple modes but that switch makes a difference. Be aware of whether or not the options you are looking at have switches and how convenient or inconvenient that may be.

Then there are other control options like the ones listed below.

  • Remote Operated – a solar flood light that comes with a remote couldn’t be more user-friendly. You can adjust those lights and turn them on and off from the comfort of your couch. Most of the time the remote functionality is primarily for power and for light brightness but it may have other features as well. 
  • Cable Required? – you will notice that more than one of the products we mentioned require cable to connect the solar panel and the light fixture. Will the cable be a hindrance for you? Will you need to purchase a longer cable to make it work? Units operated with a connecting cable are still quite efficient but they may take some extra care in setup.

Solar Panel Mounting

Solar panels primarily come in two varieties. You can either purchase a light that has the solar panel directly attached to the top or you can purchase one with a separate panel to be mounted.

  • Attached Panel – with the attached panel, it’s typically a small piece that integrated into the head of the light. This is one of the most popular pieces. It’s nice because you don’t have to attach or mount a separate panel. 

On the downside, these are somewhat expected to be a one size fits all. The area where you want to install the light may not get sufficient sunshine to properly charge it. If it doesn’t get its solar charge, it doesn’t work efficiently. Just be mindful of location and sun exposure with this kind.

  • Separated Panel – when the panel comes separately it can either be wireless or connected via a cable. The wireless typically allows you a certifiable range. The cable connection may require a longer cable or working within a short distance. 

These are nice because you can place your light where you want and then place the solar panel where it will get the best sun exposure for operation. On the downside, the cable may be a pain to work with and you have to mount 2 separate pieces and adjust them accordingly. 

Sensor Distance

The majority of solar flood lights have motion sensor compatibility. The question you should be asking is what is the distance that the sensor can handle? For instance, some sensors have a very short range and things would have to almost directly in line before the sensor catches it.

On the other hand, some sensors have up to 270-degree radius. The most common sensor capacity is anywhere from 120 to 180-degrees. These are suitable for most scenarios and will pick up on nearby motion without having to be directly in front of the sensor.

For extensive angle and a long sensing distance, the Home Zone Security 11 Watt floodlight is the one you want.

The other thing you will want to note is whether the motion sensor is easily triggered. You certainly don’t want the light to be falsely triggered for that fly that flew in the sensor’s sight. Be sure to review the specs of the fixtures you are interested in and be aware of the sensitivity.

You might also be able to purchase a unit that allows you to adjust the motion sensitivity to your liking. 

Solar Panel Size, Quality, Etc. 

Let’s face it, not every solar panel is created equally. Also, some solar panels are big and bulky but are really not any more effective than the small and simple solar panels.

When it comes down to it, the question is whether the size will be sufficient to get the sun exposure it is needed. You don’t necessarily have to have an overly large panel in order to get a good solar charge. You might also want to review how long the fixture can hold a charge and how long it has to be exposed to the sun. 

These factors may play an important part in selecting your solar flood lights. You want to ensure that if you have a cloudy day, your light is still going to be effective. Some lights hold a charge for days. Some lights can be charged even with cloud cover. And then some lights require direct sunlight for 4+ hours to be effective. 

If you’re worried cloud cover may cause you an issue, stop right now and just purchase this LEDMO light. The solar panel is wireless and the company promises that you will get a charge even when there is cloud cover. You can’t hardly beat that! 

Take note of what your solar panel states in terms of overall size, quality, and effectiveness. 

Battery Size

Yes, solar panels are often accompanied by lithium-ion battery power. The batteries may receive the solar charge or they may act as a backup. Typically, the solar charge powers the batteries. 

What you really want to know and understand in terms of the batteries are how long they can hold a charge. We mentioned this before but the key is to ensure your lights will be working when they should be.

If for some reason your solar panel can’t get sufficient sunlight are you just going to be out of luck for proper lighting that day? Keep in mind the battery size and power as well as the length of a charge when you are considering your purchasing options. 

Globe Wattage

The globe wattage ultimately determines how bright the globe may shine. However, some of the lower wattages are primarily due to a difference in build and design of the light. High-powered solar flood lights like our top pick from LEDMO have high wattage ratings are going to be quite bright. 

You might also consider whether the light functionality is LED as this could also provide more brightness. If you want ultra-bright, you can slow your scroll and pick up this Wiland solar light that has ultra-bright LED functionality.

Then there are also the lights that allow you to adjust the overall brightness. This budget-friendly light from Aootek has 2 brightness capacities. Many of the products we shared have varying brightness levels you can control. 

Durability/Water Proof (IP Rating)

You will notice that in many of the products, we shared the IP waterproof rating. This number is important in understanding just how much water your system could stand up to.
Ratings like IP64, IP65, and IP67 are the most common. You should look for ratings such as this in your perusal. Our top pick from LEDMO has the highest rating of IP67, which means it could be submerged in water for more than 7 days and still be operational.


Ultimately, you want to be covered as long as possible with a warranty. If there is no readily available warranty information, you may want to dig deeper into the details to see if the warranty is simply not advertised.

Again, our top pick proves its worth. The LEDMO light comes with a 5-year extensive warranty.

Solar Floodlight FAQ

What is the Brightest Solar Security Light?

LEDMO solar security light ranks the highest with 200 watts and the added security of more than 3,000 square feet of coverage when the light is active. 

Is It Better to Use Motion Sensors or Light Sensors?

Motion sensors provide the security of alerting you when there is motion within the range of the light. The light sensors simply know when it’s time to turn on and they will light up your path from dusk until dawn. Motion sensors use less power and will hold their charge longer but there are benefits to either kind depending on your preferences. 

How Do High-Powered Solar Flood Lights Add Security?

Many solar flood lights can be set to motion activation. With these units, the motion sensor will pick up any particular motion which could alarm you to an unwanted person or animal on the premises. 

The motion light alone can be a great tool for security. You can also add many other security tools to your home to pump up your security features and keep your home safe and sound all the time.

The Final Word

Solar flood lights can go a long way to preserving your power usage and they are highly effective tools for your home.

The clear winner of our product reviews here goes to the LEDMO light we listed as our top pick. This light fits the bill of many of the important characteristics to look for. It’s wireless, remote-controlled, and versatile. What more could you possibly ask for in the best solar flood light?

Our runner-up would be the Home Zone Security 11 Watt Solar Light. This 1,500-lumen security light can sense movement at distances up to 30 feet and both the lights and sensor angle can be adjusted to offer the best protection for your home.

When it comes down to it, you must choose what’s right for you but you certainly can’t go wrong with these favorite options.

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