Do Dogs Deter Burglars – A Look At The Statistics

dog barking behind fence

Everyone knows that dogs are great companions! They are friendly, cuddly, loving, adorable, and very forgiving – remember, when you accidentally stepped on his tail? They also show unwavering loyalty to you and your family by barking at complete strangers. This fact now begs the question: Do dogs deter burglar deterrents?  Let’s find out.   Disclosure:It … Read more

Security Camera Battery Backup Options

cctv battery backup

With security cameras becoming more affordable, it’s no surprise CCTV systems are quickly becoming a standard addition to the family home. Security cameras offer peace of mind and can provide the evidence that is needed to lock away thieves or vandals. But what happens when the power goes out? Are those top of the line … Read more

How To Power Wireless Security Cameras

When you read the marketing term ‘Wireless Security Camera’ most people would assume that it meant just that – that there are no wires or cables required. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The term ‘wireless’ can just be referring to the fact that it communicates to your local network via a wireless network … Read more

How To Spot A Nanny Cam

Nanny cams are legal in every state. To make matters even worse for your privacy, homeowners do not have to tell you about any nanny or surveillance cams they have around their house.  Small and easy to hide, nanny cams can be placed in just about any household object. Many are wireless and emit no … Read more