The Pros and Cons of Doorless Showers – Make Your Dream Walk In Shower

Remodeling your bathroom can be pretty challenging, especially when dealing with small spaces or configuring them to suit particular conditions such as accessibility, less humidity, and of course, aesthetics. So, if you’re the type to consider all these aspects, then you might want to take a look at doorless showers. 

Despite being around for centuries, doorless showers are slowly gaining an upward trend because they give the illusion of bigger spaces and reduce humidity in bathrooms. They also provide a generous amount of mobility for those struggling to open and move through traditional shower doors. 

And, also the fact that they look opulent is an advantage all to itself. 

But, before rehauling your bathroom and opting straightforward for this space-saving option, there are doorless shower pros and cons to consider. 

After all, you don’t want to be halfway through construction and realize that the cost or cons of these trendy bathroom features are way more than you can handle. And on that note, let’s take a closer look at doorless showers and figure out if they are the best option for you. 

picture of a doorless shower

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What is a doorless shower?

bathroom with open or doorless shower

Doorless showers go by many names. Some call them walk-in showers, roman showers, while others refer to them as curbless showers and roll-in showers. All of them are the same – they require no doors or curtains. 

They isolate the showerhead around a corner or behind a wall or glass panel to reduce the amount of water splashing outside the shower area. Doorless showers also usually come with a slightly angled flooring to ensure that water flow goes directly to the drain rather than all over your bathroom floor. 

This design makes your bathroom more spacious, functional and luxurious and makes it easier to maintain and clean because the lack of a door or curtain means one less thing to clean. 

The Pros of doorless showers

doorless shower bathroom design

Doorless showers offer a variety of benefits, some of which might just be what you’re looking for in your next bathroom make-over.

1. Adds a luxurious feel at an affordable cost

Sometimes, the best way to emulate luxury and opulence in any home design is by generating more space. And that’s what doorless showers do. They give the illusion of more space by removing a door that would otherwise create separation.

In addition, these can often be made with less cost than actually purchasing, installing and maintaining a traditional shower door. So, if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom into a more modern and lavish aesthetic without costing an arm and a leg, then doorless showers are what you need!

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2. Easier accessibility 

Let’s get to the functionality aspect of this trendy bathroom feature. By all means, removing a door obviously equates to easier accessibility – you simply slip in and slip out. But, there’s also the bonus of mobility. 

This can prove to be very handy for older homeowners that need a more seamless way of moving around without straining out too much effort, and what better way to do this than by removing a door?

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3. Reduces humidity 

Stepping into a moist and humid shower after a long day is not ideal for anyone, especially those who have already been working all day outside in the heat or coming off a harsh practice or workout session. 

Prolonged trapped humidity in any space can lead to less than satisfactory showers and breeding grounds for molds. Something most homeowners already struggle with. 

That’s another advantage that doorless showers offer. They reduce the humidity trapped in your shower area by letting it circulate throughout the bathroom rather than just one spot. This gives your bathroom a better chance of clearing out steam and humidity by providing a more streamlined way for them to flow towards your vents. 

The Cons of doorless showers

before and after picture of a bathroom renovation

As with everything in this world, nothing is flawlessly perfect. So, before you start talking to your contractor or spending hours drafting your design for your doorless shower, you may want to consider the cons of these bathroom features as well. 

1. Lack of privacy

Let’s face it. Some people regard their showers as a safe haven of privacy. While those living alone or are comfortable showering in front of others may not find this bothersome at the very least, those living with other people like family members or roommates or simply regard showering as a private matter may find this less than ideal. 

But, hey, maybe a simple lock on the door or some frosted panels may do the trick if you’re set on opting for doorless showers. 

2. Can be quite chilly 

While doorless showers can reduce humidity, this also has the downside of inviting drafts and breezes in the actual shower areas. Can you imagine trying to take a hot and steamy shower after a long and cold day, only to find yourself shivering once you turn the tap off? 

While you can rectify it with bathroom space heaters, that’s also another added cost you may have to think about. Here are some tricks to avoid a chilly doorless shower:

3. Might take up more space than you expect

While going doorless gives the illusion of more space, it may take up more space than conventional showers in hindsight. Often, these types of showers need more space because they need exceptional drainage and angled floors. 

However, there’s a small workaround. You can add a small curb or raised stopper by the entrance of the shower itself. Although, this might pose a hazard for elderly homeowners and those prone to slipping and falling.

So, are they really for you? 

Well, as with all home improvement and designs, you have to weigh the pros and cons against your own space. You have to put in the time and effort to understand and see if the pros outweigh the cons and whether you have enough space to remodel or design your bathrooms with doorless showers. 

After all, it’s one thing to stick to an aesthetic but another to be practical. And, as home designing goes, practicality will likely fare better for you in the long-term in costs, time and effort. All of which are aspects you want to spend in the most minimal way possible.

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