SmartThings Compatible Cameras

SmartThings is a brand of home automation hub that aims to centralize your smart home.

Instead of having many different devices that operate independently and don’t talk to each other, SmartThings aims to tie all these devices into one system – making it easier to setup, manage and use.

Cameras are just one type of home automation product that is compatible with SmartThings.

But knowing which cameras are compatible with SmartThings straight out of the box can be tricky, so on this page you will find a list of all the cameras we know about that work well with this great product.

Scroll down to see the complete table – small at the moment but we plan to grow it big time. This data is always being updated, so check back often and feel free to let us know of a camera model we have not included!

Cameras Compatible With SmartThings Comparison Table

Click the plus sign + next the each cameras model name to see even more data on each product.

ModelBrandMax ResolutionWired/WiFiWiFi StandardWiFi FrequencyPOEApplicationSizeWeightMicrophoneLocal StorageWebsiteAmazon LinkOther Notes

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