Do Dogs Deter Burglars – A Look At The Statistics

Everyone knows that dogs are great companions! They are friendly, cuddly, loving, adorable, and very forgiving – remember, when you accidentally stepped on his tail? They also show unwavering loyalty to you and your family by barking at complete strangers.

This fact now begs the question: Do dogs deter burglar deterrents?  Let’s find out.  

dog barking behind fence

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Do Dogs Help Prevent Burglaries?

Burglars choose homes that they can break into without a sweat. This scenario can put your fur buddy to the test. Home intruders can be thrown off in their game when an attention-grabbing snarl from your pet gets in the way of a supposedly idiot-proof burglary. 

In fact, nearly half of the burglars consulted in a study included loud barking dogs in the list, preventing them from successfully breaking into their target homes. 

Why Dogs May Prevent Burglaries

dog attacking a burglar

There are more than enough reasons why dogs are a man’s best friend, and being naturally loyal creatures is one. Whether it’s a family pet or a trained guard dog, they can be your trusty companion to keeping your homes out of harm’s way. The last thing a housebreaker wants is to alert you and your nosy neighbors, and owning dogs can do the trick (and we mean literally and figuratively) for you. Here are a few things why:

Dogs will instantly bark at an unfamiliar face.

Dogs have territorial instincts. Whether your dog is domesticated or a trained guard dog, they’re still both territorial in nature. Typically, they would bark at the mailman or your new yoga pal because they see them as territory intruders. Even more so, when they sense forced entry to your homes, it triggers them to bark excessively and draw attention to the situation. A study suggests that 94.9% of dogs indoors will bark at strangers. Burglars want to be out of your sight, so a blaring noise your dog creates is a roadblock to their wicked schemes. 

Dogs have heightened senses that make them quick on their feet.

A picture of a labrador running

Dogs are like humans with five senses, only better. Aside from their impressive sense of smell, their acute sense of hearing proves you can rely on your fuzzy pup to perceive possible home breakers. Dogs can hear sounds four times farther away than we can. They can listen to sounds of up to 50,000 vibrations per second (50,000Hz), compared to humans with 20,000 Hz. That explains why even the slightest crackle can make your doggo get up in a snap. 

Dogs are loyal in nature. 

A girl hugging his dog

Your paw friend has a heart made of gold– a loyal pet to count on that is willing to risk its life when yours is in danger. This natural characteristic makes dogs the best burglar deterrents. One reason why your pup’s got your back is that they are empath creatures like humans, too. A study shows that dogs will adapt their behavior to accommodate the mood you appear to be in. This behavior explains why they can immediately sense when you’re happy or sad. In the same way, they can also pick up signals if a stranger is a possible threat to you. 

Dogs are possessive and protective. 

Dogs are social beings, so they will do anything to protect their pack (in that case, you and your family) at all costs. Your dogs are aware of their dominion, and their instincts will know what to do to watch over it. Do you know how a dog would guard its food or toys with its life? It will display the same behavior to a burglar. Your furry friend will be less aggressive to a stranger if you have properly trained them to attack only in life-threatening situations. 

You can train dogs to stop intruders.

A dog trainer giving treats to dogs

When “doggos” are carefully trained to be on guard, they would not only bark at intruders but even try to physically stop an intruder who won’t leave. This practice is usually done under your supervision and through positive reinforcement. You can also train some dogs to hold back the intruder while your dog waits for your next command.  

What Makes a Good Guard Dog?

Protection is likely second nature to dogs regardless of the breed. But there can be different levels of protection that breeders and trainers usually can determine. Your adorable pup can growl and frighten burglars who are up to no good, but you can’t expect your 5-pound Chihuahua to deter a trespasser and save your life. 

It’s not about the breed; it’s the training regimen provided to the dog that matters. The best guard dog breeds should have a strong build and display reliable qualities. 

Here are qualities to look for a good guard dog: 

  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Courageous 
  • Territorial instincts
  • Affectionate in nature 

Supplement With Other Burglar Deterrents and Security

A person installing a security camera

A homeowner searching for the correct answer to the question “do dogs deter burglars?” should understand that their canine companion can only do so much to prevent a home intrusion. Sometimes the intruders can distract the dog with treats or attack them as they break into the house. 

To avoid risking your security, you should install other burglar deterrents to supplement the guard dog.

Motion Lights

Burglars would usually plot their schemes during nighttime, so motion lights may come in handy These burglar deterrent devices are practical for home protection because these can help your surveillance cameras (if you have one) to capture the intruders. Other motion lights can provide 180-degree and 50 feet coverage, giving you a sense of security to sleep soundly during the night.

CCTV cameras (Real or fake) 

A person checking CCTV camera on his smartphone

Whether it’s real or fake, robbers cower in fear when they see a white dome on the ceiling. 

Some homeowners typically install cameras inside or outside their homes. Whichever the case, the camera should have a remote viewing and HD quality so that you can record and catch intruders in the act. Some models can even send an alarm or notification directly to your phone or home security provider whenever it identifies a motion alert. 

Solar-powered security cameras are great investments that can help you save big bucks and sustain energy. 

Outdoor Lighting

You can never go wrong with lighting your home’s exterior to scare burglars away. You can opt for solar flood lights if you want to save on electricity. Not only can you upgrade your home security efficiently, but you can also get automated lighting that saves you the hassle of manual operation. 

Security Gates

Intruders are opportunists. They’ll take every chance they get to make their jobs easier, and climbing over those gates isn’t one of them. Plus, security gates are excellent burglar deterrents because they prevent outsiders from seeing your home interiors. 

Smart Video Doorbell Cameras 

Woman pressing the button of a video doorbell camera

These devices prevent burglary by recording a video when a person approaches the entrance through the tiny camera installed on the doorbell. The built-in motion detectors are more advanced than the traditional security systems because you can monitor activities from your smartphone or tablet.

And the best part? The smart video doorbell cameras have night vision and can record collared and high-definition videos even in poor lighting conditions.

An Alarm System 

A burglary alarm typically operates on a simple principle: you set up a code, and when someone attempts to open the door and fails to deactivate the alarm in time, they set off a large-scale alarm. On the other hand, a smart alarm like this one uses WiFi to connect, keeping pesky wires out of sight. 

Secure your windows

Your windows are extremely vulnerable spots in your house. In one swift motion, a thief can easily break it and be in your living room in under 30 seconds or less. 

Obviously, windows are fragile, but there are shatter-proof variants out in the market – albeit they are more expensive. A more budget-friendly alternative would be to invest in window locks

Having A Dog Helps 

While you’re sure to depend on your dog to guard you against all odds, the best way to deter burglars is to pair your tried and trusted canine with an effective security system. 

Whether it’s an alarm system, smart video doorbell cameras, outdoor lighting, or CCTV cameras, it’s a match made in heaven. 

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