The Parts of a TV Antenna – A Visual Guide

There are three main parts to a standard style of TV antenna:

  • The Reflector
  • Dopole
  • Directors

All these parts carry out an important role when it comes to getting the TV signal from the transmitter, to your television!

Let’s take a look at some pictures of these parts and a more detailed description of what they do.

The Different Parts of a Television Antenna

parts of a tv antenna
Take a look at the image above, it’s a picture of one of the most common styles (a hybrid UHF/VHF) of TV antenna with the different parts labeled.

Now the science behind how an antenna works can get quite complicated, and we won’t really go into the nitty-gritty of it. But we will quickly go over each part to give you a basic understanding.

The Directors

The directors are usually the smallest element and are the front of the tv antenna (the part that faces the transmitter).

Their purpose is to increase the gain of the antenna. An antenna with a higher gain can pick up weaker signals.


The reflector is generally the largest element on the antenna and is at the back. It’s job is to focus the signal picked up by the antenna onto the dipole.


The dipole is the most important part of the antenna. This is the part that actually receives the signal.

The dipole is also the part of the antenna where the coaxial cable connects to take the tv signal to your television set.

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What About The Different Types of TV Antenna?

Sure, we have you covered for them too. Take a look at the images below that point out where these parts are on the different types of a television antenna.


parts of a yagi antenna

Phased Array

parts of a phased array antenna
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